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Dot Network combines the power of data and artificial intelligence to help you reach your target market. Stay top of mind with your existing clients and attract and engage new ones with B2B marketing campaigns that work.

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What is account based marketing and advertising?

Account Based Advertising or Data Activation puts your message in front of the right decision-makers at the right organisations.


You can find people based on the industry they work in, job role and seniority, as well as firm size. Either you supply your target list, or we can work together to build one for you.


What this means for your business: audiences or target markets that seemed out of reach will start to see your message wherever they go on the internet.

Tackle your B2B sales challenges

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Identify business target market

Build an audience that meets the requirements of your business strategy, based on industry, job role, and level of decision making. 


Want to put your product in front of institutional retirement fund trustees in Sydney, Australia? No problem!

Dot Network_b2b Marketing campaigns

Target +

Create narratives that takes your audience from awareness, to knowledge and finally conversion to sale. This is essential to fill your sales funnel with quality leads. 


Dot Network’s Account Based Marketing allows you to take your customers on this journey by showing them different messages at different stages of their buying cycle.

Dot Network_b2b Marketing campaigns

Engage +

As your target market sees your message, clicks on your ads and engages with your brand, our data-driven algorithm optimises the activity against the target market. That means more of the right people see your message more often.

Dot Network_b2b Marketing campaigns

Report, learn +

Live dashboards give us – and you – ongoing, detailed insights. 


Dot Network is driven by AI and managed by humans. With up-to-the-moment data, we make data driven decisions that amplify your return on investment.

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