Transform your B2B digital marketing with data activation

Dot network concept diagram

Dot Network’s AI-driven technology helps you meet your B2B marketing needs by showing the right message to the right person at the right time. Our campaigns are omni-channel and cross-device, creating a seamless experience for your target market.


Start by identifying your business target market – define the targeting and what message you want the different audience segments to see. Engage with compelling ads and let our AI optimise who sees your ads and how often. Report, learn and amplify your messages over time to create brand lift and sales engagement.

Uses for account based advertising (data activation)

Put your existing CRM data to work and strategically engage with your audience via online advertising, content distribution and focused messaging. Through our campaigns, we can augment and enhance your data.

Looking for new prospects? Instead of serving ads to the entire internet, we show your message to a high-quality, relevant audience – and only them. Dot Network specialises in data activation to cultivate and nurture high-value B2B leads.

Nurture and educate your sales channels with targeted, highly relevant messaging. For instance, with Dot Network, you can create a “walled garden” online and spread sensitive information that is not intended for mass consumption, such as details of rebates.

Your existing customers are some of your most valuable – but only if you treat them well. Nurture these people according to where they are in the sales funnel and their level of connection with your company or product.

We have rich data records that allow you to target influencers and decision-makers across companies and industries, instead of spreading your message to everyone from the receptionist to the COO.

Use Dot Network’s extensive industry-specific database to reach your profitable audiences. Speak directly to people in finance, telecommunications, information technology, manufacturing, retail and more. 

Communicate with the people who are mostly to engage with your brand. If you are launching an action video game, we can build an audience of gamers who use hand-held consoles, instead of everyone who has Candy Crush installed on their phone.

“Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.” These words by Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Strategy at BuzzFeed, are one of our guiding principles. Putting personalised, relevant content in front of the right person, helps build an emotional connection between your customers and brand. 

This content can be targeted to where a target is in your sales funnel, guiding them through the journey from cold prospect to paying customer.

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