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Investec: Channel management for B2B audiences

Use Case: Strategic channel management to spread new product education to stockbrokers only


Visitor increase


Page views increase


Opt ins

Business challenge

Investec had just introduced a new product, IDX Futures, which allows stockbrokers to buy international shares in South African Rand. They needed to educate the right people about its advantages and features, and incite them to use the product.


Stock brokers only. Individual retail investors are not able to use the IDX Futures, and as such it was important that they didn’t see any of this campaign messaging.


Investec provided Dot Network with a list of 1 200 stockbrokers, from which we were able to match 750 unique users. Those 750 people were targeted with educational messaging about IDX Futures.


Compared against a three-month benchmark period, we achieved phenomenal ROI for our client, with a 60% increase in website visitors and a 40% increase in web page views.

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