How B2B Firms Can Use Data Management For A Competitive Advantage

Ever wonder why your competitors seem to have it easy? Success seems to fall into their laps with minimal effort. Well, it’s not exactly true. There is some effort that goes into it, and it goes by the name of data management.

B2B firms all have the advantage of accessing huge amounts of customer data, but not all of them have processes in place to analyse this data and put it into real-time action so that it can convert into sales. However, those who have been using data activation for a while are now masters of managing their data to their benefit. So if you want to get that competitive advantage, learn from the industry leaders.

Mature Data Activators Are Seeing More Benefits

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that organisations with mature data activation processes were reaping better results in terms of sales, marketing and customer benefits. These companies have tapped into the opportunity to actually use data to inform sales and marketing decisions. They don’t need to rely on intuition or market trends to make decisions; they simply use their customer data.

If you’ve ever admired the confidence in your competitors, this is probably why. They have the backing of solid data, and they know that they can’t go wrong based on this valuable information.
Overall, they report better outcomes because they can use accurate data to deliver a more personalised, enhanced experience for their customers.

Turn Insights Into Sales

If you’re a B2B firm looking to gain the upper hand over your competitors, turn poor data management into proactive insights with a leading partner in data activation. A specialist in account-based marketing will help you to move away from pure volume-based approaches to a more targeted, real-time approach that will help you reach your ideal customers at the right time.

With this optimised, targeted approach, you won’t be left with heaps of data that you don’t know how to use. A data activation agency will help you convert valuable customer information into sales and customer loyalty with more account-focused goals.

The Forrester study found that the majority of businesses are not making use of data activation in their decision-making, so you will definitely have a competitive advantage if you go this route. Using AI and other automated technology, you can successfully unlock the value of your data and use fact-based marketing to better your relationship with your customers. Soon, you will be envied by your competitors, as you will have discovered the secret to making your clients happy.

For efficient data management and accurate information-based marketing campaigns that help you meet your customer expectations, contact Dot Network ‒ a specialist in account-based marketing for B2B firms globally.

Forrester study found that the majority of businesses are not making use of data activation in their decision-making