Top 6 Trends In B2B Marketing that will Most Likely Never Die

Fashion trends may come and go, but in B2B marketing trends actually have an important role to play. They inform us of where we need to be as marketers, what our customers want and how purchasing behaviour is changing. Staying on top of trends in this sense is not a bad thing, so take special note of our top 6 emerging trends in B2B marketing for this year and years to come.


  1. Account-Based Marketing For Demand Generation And Nurturing
    Customer-led strategies are key in B2B marketing, which is why account-based marketing informed by customer data is something to embrace. Businesses are creating and nurturing leads over B2B apps like LinkedIn.
  2. Artificial Intelligence For Personalisation And Intent Monitoring
    AI is crucial to B2B marketing and its influence is growing to all spheres, from data analysation to personalisation to SEO optimisation and more. It’s also used for intent monitoring, as marketers are realising that finding the people who are intentionally searching for your services online is a much better, targeted strategy that brings results.
  3. Problem-solving Through Storytelling
    Storytelling has been around for ages, even in brand communication. It’s been a growing trend for a while, and experts believe it will not lose its powerful appeal any time soon. From podcasts to social media posts to advertising and promotional campaigns, sharing our stories helps us connect with potential buyers and indirectly solve customers’ problems.
  4. The Use Of Industry Thought Leaders For Influencer Marketing
    The reason why influence marketing is working so well in B2B marketing is that people respect their peers. In the business landscape, influencers are not just popular based on their personality but also their expertise in their field. Hence, they are thought leaders, and are likely to outlast influencers in the B2C market.
  5. Collaboration With Relevant Intent
    The Covid-19 pandemic led to some speedy innovations in online business collaboration and saw people rediscovering apps that had already been around for years. This is one trend that is going to stay and evolve to meet the growing needs of marketers, sellers and buyers. As a result, we are going to have to come up with more creative methods of digital collaboration that can do more than just host virtual meetings but allow us to share information that is relevant to a specific niche or project.
  6. Human To Human Marketing
    Despite technological advances that are making B2B marketing and all business activities faster and better, the human focus will always be there. When speaking to our customers, we are realising more and more that they are human, will always be human and want to have their human needs met by our products, services and brand packages. Marketing to businesses must be value-focused, and we are going to see much more of this in the future.

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Despite technological advances that are making B2B marketing and all business activities faster and better, the human focus will always be there