Data Activation Is The Missing Link In Modern Marketing – Here’s How You Can Change That

The contemporary marketing landscape presents a field day for marketers across the globe. Technological shifts have allowed a burst of fresh insights and methods of nurturing leads so that they convert into customers. It’s not uncommon now for marketers in big and small companies to engage with customers across a plethora of media channels. By doing so, heaps of new data are being collected daily. But how much of this data is actually being used to its full potential? Are marketers simply collecting data that is just sitting there waiting to be used?


Despite the huge growth we have seen, data activation remains the missing link in marketing strategies of the millennium. Only when companies employ this properly will they see the real fruits of their endeavours.

What Is Data Activation?

Put simply, data activation is taking the insights gained from data and turning them into valuable action. Data activation can also be referred to as account based marketing or account based advertising. It involves taking all the data that has been collected about one account from multiple channels and using this strategically to create a more enhanced customer experience across different platforms.


As consumers interact with brands across various touchpoints, this generates more data and makes it even easier for businesses to reach their customers in a more personalised way. This is where data activation can come in ‒ by utilising valuable customer insights in a way that will work for the business.

Make Your Data Work For You

One of the mistakes many businesses make is not using data in real-time to make daily micro-decisions. With data activation, every customer interaction is ideally influenced by data that has been collected and actioned in real-time. Here are some key features to include in any marketing strategy to solidify your data activation.


Identify a specific target market: Do you want your business to be seen by every person on the internet or a targeted few? Decide who you want to put your brand in front of, and make it happen.


Targeted messaging, optimised engagement: Create narratives that your customers will see throughout the buying process and take them from awareness to action. Optimise this content for a more targeted approach.


Report and amplify: Once your data has been activated, use live dashboards and AI for detailed, ongoing reporting and insights that will help you amplify your ROI.


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One of the mistakes many businesses make is not using data in real-time to make daily micro-decisions.