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ABSA: Finding people with more than R2.5 million to invest

Use Case: Audience building and product education aimed at decision makers in companies with turnovers between R10M and R200M


Lead increase


Page views up


Search lift

Business challenge

ABSA is an established South African financial institution that caters to individuals as well as businesses, offering banking and investment products. They wanted to find new clients for their Cash Invest Tracker, a product that tracked the top five unit trusts, while also guaranteeing capital. But they didn’t want just any clients. They wanted individuals with more than R2 500 000 to invest.


We created two bespoke audiences. One of C-Suite executives and high net worth individuals, and another of independent financial advisors.


Wherever our audiences went online, they saw educational messaging about the advantages of Cash Invest Tracker. The frequency of messaging was high to establish product awareness.


The number of leads submitted increased by 78%.

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