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B2B targeting tactics that actually work

Strategic use of data and a deep understanding of the sales funnel can put B2B marketers ahead of the curve.

Business-to-business marketing comes with unique challenges. In some cases, you might know exactly who your target audience is (sometimes even down to their names and office phone numbers) but sending them an email out the blue is about as effective as knocking on their door without an appointment. Online targeting is hailed as a magic bullet when it comes to B2B marketing, but done incorrectly, it’s just a highly effective way to burn through your budget and not see any results

The challenges of targeted campaigns

Low email open rates
With email open rates averaging around 20% and click-through rates at about 2%, an email-driven campaign is likely to yield low results. Email, however, can boost return on investment when it’s used as a tactic in a campaign.

Low match rates
You might know who your target audience is, but finding those people online can be difficult. Without that information, you are shooting in the dark and wasting your media budget.

Limited inventory reach
The sole common behaviour in B2B audiences is often industry-specific website visits. The sites with the widest reach come at a premium, and there is no guarantee that your message will be seen by the appropriate group.

Limited creative optimisation
Ad engagement rates are hurt when creative isn’t dynamically optimised or personalised.

It’s time intensive
Setting up a targeted campaign can be a manual process that eats hours. The analysis required to optimise campaigns costs even more time, without a guarantee of results.

Dot Network uses tactics that work

Find people outside their inboxes
Don’t wait for people to ignore your emails. Speak to them where they actually are online – whether that’s a pro wrestling site or an architectural blog. Later, when they see your company’s name in their inbox, they are more likely to open and engage with your content.

Support the sales funnel
Not every message is appropriate for your targets, depending on where they are in the sales funnel. They might need to be made aware of your brand, educated about your product or shown the advantages of your product over competitor products. Dot Network can serve the right message to your audience at the right time.

Segment audiences
Not all potential customers are equal. For instance, a campaign for an information technology reseller might target decision makers at small to medium enterprises (where they would need a handful of software licences) and chief technology officers at large corporations, which would require thousands of licences. In this example campaign, the audience members who would bring the most value can receive the lion’s share of the media budget, as well as different creative that is optimised for their needs.

Re-engage lapsed customers
If you know who your target audience is, but they haven’t purchased in a while, we can match them online and show them messaging that will put them back in your sales funnel. We can also retarget people who did not complete the sales funnel, and let existing customers know about new products.

Always optimised
Dot Network is able to provide clients with creative that is optimised for various platforms. Our sophisticated technology takes the guesswork out of refining campaigns.

Speak to us today so we can find your audiences, expand them and convert them – faster.

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